Speech recordings and annotation

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Phonetic alignment of continuous speech recordings (using computer tools)

Tool: Annotation Pro


Class 01 (materials), Slides,

Class 02 (materials)

Class 03, instructions:

Class 04: Multilayer annotation of speech recordings using Annotation Pro

Annotation procedure:

  • open wave file (your own voice recording)
  • save annotation as…. (the same name as wave)3. name the 1st annotation layer “ort_phrases”
  • create a new annotation layer and name it “ort_words”
  • create a new annotation layer and name it “English”
  • transcribe the text orthographically in your own language (“ort_phrases” layer)
  • write the English transcription (time-aligned to the phrases in “ort_phrases” layer)
  • transcribe the text phonetically in the “ort_phrases” layer using SAMPA (or another phonetic alphabet)

Class 05

1. A visit in a recording studio. Recording voices

2. Annotation – continued

Class 06

1. Exporting annotation data to a spreadsheet.

2. Measuring word durations (actual values, means).

3. Plotting durations in a spreadsheet (task: plot word durations for the first 2 sentences of your recordings).

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