Applied linguistics 2019

Wróć do Seminarium magisterskie / licencjackie

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1. Introduction
  • the topic of the course, the different sounds of world languages, the chapter: “The sounds of language” (
  • Three branches of phonetics: acoustic, articulatory & auditory phonetics
  • Phonetic experiments
    • About the experimental approach to acoustic phonetics
    • About the experimental approach to speech perception / auditory phonetics

Planned activities: transcription, annotation, and time-alignment of speech recordings, studio recordings, speech perception studies, speech annotation mining and data analysis.

2. Multilayer annotation of speech recordings

Annotation Pro software tool: here, quick start: here, user manual: here

Sample recordings: here

Aesop language bank: here

Illustrations of the IPA: here

IPA Handbook downloads: here


Please download and unzip the recording of the North Wind and the Sun (Polish) with sample annotation: here

Open the .ant file in Annotation Pro and check the English translation. Correct any errors or misspellings. Check also the position of particular annotation labels.


Online survey about emotions 🙂



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