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The prosody of high and low affective engagement in Polish and German parliamentary speeches [Accepted at:] International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), Prague. (Authors: Maciej Karpiński, Katarzyna Klessa, Brygida Sawicka-Stępińska & Hanna Kasperek).

The DELAD initiative for sharing language resources on speech disorders. [Accepted at:] Language Resources and Evaluation. (Authors: Alice Lee, Nicola Bessell, Henk van den Heuvel, Katarzyna Klessa & Satu Saalasti).

DARIAH.PL MultiCo Multimodal Corpus. [Accepted at:] 10th Language Technology Conference (LTC) Poznań. (Authors: Maciej Karpiński, Ewa Jarmołowicz-Nowikow, Katarzyna Klessa, Michał Piosik, Janusz Taborek).


High-pitched prominences in the speeches of male Polish members of parliament. Proceedings of: Speech Prosody Conference,  Lisbon. (Authors: Maciej Karpiński, Ewa Jarmołowicz-Nowikow & Katarzyna Klessa) Download.

ANNPRO: A Desktop Module for Automatic Segmentation and Transcription. [in:] Human Language Technology. Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics, LNAI Series, Springer. (Authors: Katarzyna Klessa, Danijel Koržinek, Brygida Sawicka-Stępińska, Hanna Kasperek), Link.


Emotion norms for 6,000 Polish word meanings with a direct mapping to the Polish wordnet. Forthcoming in: Behaviour Research Methods (Authors: Wierzba, M., Riegel, M., Kocoń, J. Miłkowski, P., Janz, A., Klessa, K., Juszczyk, K. Konat, B., Grimling, D. Piasecki, M. Marchewka, A.)

The latest development of the DELAD project for sharing corpora of speech disorders. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics DOI
(Authors: Lee, Alice; Bessell, Nicola; van den Heuvel, Henk; Saalasti, Satu; Klessa, Katarzyna; Müller, Nicole; Ball, Martin J.)

Linguist in the field: a practical guide to speech data collection, processing, and management. Wydawnictwo Rys. ISBN 978-83-66666-89-4.  (Authors: Maciej Karpiński & Katarzyna Klessa) More


The perception of non-native phonological categories in adult-directed and infant-directed speech:  An experimental study. Logopedia Silesiana, pp. 1-20, Download (Authors: Maciej Karpiński, Katarzyna Klessa)

Corpora of Disordered Speech in the Light of the GDPR: Two Use Cases from the DELAD Initiative. In: Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) Conference, May 11-16, 2020, Marseille, France. (Authors: Henk van den Heuvel, Aleksei Kelli, Katarzyna Klessa, Satu Salaasti)

Hesitation markers in a corpus of Polish-German, German-German and Polish-Polish task-oriented dialogues in the context of communicative alignment. In: Coons, Caitlin, Zhe-Chen Guo, Seyeon Park and Elizabeth Wood (eds). 2020. Proceedings of the 19th Meeting of the Texas Linguistics Society, February 2019, Austin, Texas. Link:   Authors: Katarzyna Klessa & Maciej Karpiński)

Zasoby językowe i narzędzia wykorzystywane w akustycznej i audytywnej analizie zjawisk prozodycznych, [in:] Prozodia – przyswajanie, badanie, zaburzenia, terapia / Wysocka Marta, Kamińska Barbara, Milewski Stanisław (Eds.), 2020, Gdańsk, Grupa Wydawnicza Harmonia, s. 194-221, ISBN 978-83-7744-201-2 (Authors: Katarzyna Klessa & Anita Lorenc)

Analysis of Polish Nasalized Vowels Based on Spatial Energy Distribution and Formant Frequency Measurement. In: Vetulani Z., Paroubek P., Kubis M. (eds) Human Language Technology. Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics. LTC 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12598. Springer, Cham. (Lorenc A., Klessa K., Król D., Mik Ł.)


Propagation of emotions, arousal and polarity in WordNet using Heterogeneous Structured Synset Embeddings. Proceedings of The 10th Global WordNet Conference, 23 – 27 July, 2019, Wroclaw, Poland (Authors: Jan Kocoń, Arkadiusz Janz, Monika Riegel, Małgorzata Wierzba, Artur Marchewka, Agnieszka Czoska, Damian Grimling,Barbara Konat, Konrad Juszczyk, Katarzyna Klessa, Maciej Piasecki).

Annotation Pro + CLARIN-PL Align: automatic segmentation and transcription module for desktop uses. Proceedings of 9th Language & Technology Conference, Poznań, pp. 294-298 (Authors: Klessa, K. &  Koržinek, D.) (see also the related pages: ANNPRO CLARIN-PL plugin & Annotation Pro)

Recognition of emotions, valence and arousal in large-scale multi-domain text reviews. Proceedings of 9th Language & Technology Conference, Poznań, pp. 274-280 (Authors: Kocoń, Jan, Arkadiusz Janz, Piotr Miłkowski, Monika Riegel, Małgorzata Wierzba, Artur Marchewka, Agnieszka Czoska, Damian Grimling, Barbara Konat, Konrad Juszczyk, Katarzyna Klessa and Maciej Piasecki).


An acoustic camera approach to studying nasality in speech: The case of Polish nasalized vowels. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), vol. 144(6). (Lorenc, A., Król, D., Klessa, K.). Link to publication.

Aspects of gestural alignment in task-oriented dialogues. Cognitive Studies 2018 (18). (Karpiński, M., Czoska A., Jarmołowicz-Nowikow, E., Juszczyk, K., Klessa, K.), DOI: 10.11649/cs.1640. Download.

Methods, tools and techniques for multimodal analysis of accommodation in intercultural communication. In: Computational Methods in Science and Technology (CMST), Vol. 24 (1) 2018, 29-41, DOI: 10.12921/cmst.2018.0000006 (Karpiński, M., Klessa, K.).

Speaking style variation in laboratory speech: A perception study. Proceedings of the 9th Speech Prosody Conference, June 2018, Poznań  (Klessa, K., Karpiński, M.). Download.


Timing patterns variability in Latgalian read speech. In: Jardar Eggesbø Abrahamsen, Jacques Koreman, Wim van Dommelen (Eds.) Nordic Prosody XII. Peter Lang. (Klessa, K., Nau, N., Orlovs, O.).

The structure of Polish nasalized vowels: results based on spatial energy distribution and formant frequency analysis, In: Zygmunt Vetulani & Patrick Paroubek (Eds.) Proceedings of The 8th Language and Technology Conference, Poznań, Poland. (Lorenc, A., Klessa, K., Król, D.).

The perception of non-native phonological categories in adult-directed and infant-directed speech: An experimental study. Proceedings of  50th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2017), Workshop on Modelling the acquisition of foreign language speech: old meets new, 10-13.09.2017, University of Zurich, Switzerland (Karpiński, M., Klessa, K.).


Annotation Pro. Enhancing analyses of linguistic and paralinguistic features in speech, Wydział Neofilologii UAM, Poznań. ISBN 978-83-946017-0-6. (Klessa, K.) Download.

Polish rhythmic database – new resources for speech timing and rhythm analysis. Forthcoming in: Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC). 23-28 May 2016, Portorož, Slovenia (Wagner, A., Klessa, K., Bachan, J.). Download paper.

Analiza wybranych cech zmienności iloczasowej w różnych stylach wypowiedzi na podstawie korpusów nagrań dla technologii mowy. Prace Filologiczne, vol. LXIX, str. 215-235 (Klessa, K.).

Języki w niebezpieczeństwie: księga wiedzy (2016). Nau. N, Hornsby, M., Karpiński, M., Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T., Wójtowicz, R. (Eds.), Wydział Neofilologii UAM, Poznań, ISBN 978-83-947198-4-5.

Dokumentacja języków [w:] Języki w niebezpieczeństwie: księga wiedzy, Nau. N, Hornsby, M., Karpiński, M., Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T., Wójtowicz, R. (Eds.), Wydział Neofilologii UAM, Poznań, ISBN 978-83-947198-4-5. Download or read on-line.

Speech Annotation Mining with Annotation Pro plugins, Wydawnictwo Rys, Poznań. ISBN 978-83-65483-20-1. (Klessa, K.)


A syllable-based analysis of speech temporal organization: a comparison between speaking styles in dysarthric and healthy populations. Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2015, Dresden, Germany (Bigi, B., Klessa, K., Georgeton, L. and Meunier, Ch.) Download paper

Automatic syllabification of Polish.  In: Vetulani Z., Mariani J. (Eds): Proceedings of the 7th Language & Technology Conference (Bigi, B., Klessa, K.)

Using TypeCraft and Annotation Pro for multilayer annotation and analysis of Tense and Aspect in Krio. In: Vetulani Z., Mariani J. (Eds): Proceedings of the 7th Language & Technology Conference (Beermann D., Klessa K., Nyampong B.O.)

Prosody and gesture in dialogue: Cross-modal interactions. Proceedings of 4th Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN) Conference, Nantes, France (Czoska, A., Klessa, K., Karpiński, M., Nowikow-Jarmołowicz, E.).

The Phonetician

The Phonetician. A publication of the International Society of Phonetic Sciences . No. 111-112. Katarzyna Klessa & Brigitte Bigi (Guest Editors)

Perception of Polish Neutral and Affective Speech by Native and Non-native Listeners, Proceedings of The 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, UK. (Klessa, K., Oleśkowicz-Popiel, M., Owsianny, M.) Download link.

Polish Infant Directed vs. Adult Directed Speech: Selected Acoustic-Phonetic Differences, Proceedings of The 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, UK. (Czoska, A., Klessa, K., Karpiński, M.) Download link.

The influence of tempo and speaking style on timing patterns in Polish. Proceedings of 6th International Conference of Experimental Linguistics (ExLing), Athens, Greece (Wagner, A. Klessa, K.)

Annotation Pro. Új eszköz a beszéd nyelvi és paranyelvi sajátosságainak címkézésre és elemzésére, Beszédkutatás (Speech Research Journal). Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Budapest (Klessa, K. Markó A.) Download PDF of the journal issue.

Design and Implementation of an On-line Database for Endangered Languages: Multilingual Legacy of Poland. In: Input a Word, Analyse the World: Selected Approaches to Corpus Linguistics. Francisco Alonso Almeida, Ivalla Ortega Barrera, Elena Quintana Toledo and Margarita Sánchez Cuervo (Eds.), Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN (10) 1-4438-8513-4. (Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T.).

Prozodia niepewności.  In: Sens i brzmienie, Danielewiczowa M., Bilińska J., Doboszyńska-Markiewicz K., Zaucha J. (Eds.), Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego, Warszawa, Preprint version (in Polish) available for download at (Karpiński, M., Klessa, K.).

Klessa, K., Bigi, B (Eds.) (2015). The Phonetician. A publication of ISPhS/International Society of Phonetic Sciences, nr 111-112, 2015/I-II (

Consistency of Prosodic Annotation of Spontaneous Speech for Technology Needs.  In: Vetulani Z., Mariani J. (Eds): Proceedings of the7th Language & Technology Conference (Bachan J., Wagner A., Klessa K., Demenko G.)

Przegląd wybranych aspektów analizy prozodii mowy spontanicznej na potrzeby technologii mowy. Prace filologiczne, vol. LXVI/2015, str. 271-298 (Wagner, A., Bachan, J., Klessa, K., Demenko, G.).

A blog paper at Open Science web service by De Gruyter Open:

Open access data and open educational resources help to save endangered languages. Open Science: Your guide to Open Access, available at: (Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T.).


Annotation Pro + TGA: automation of speech timing analysis, Proceedings of the 9th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland. ISBN 978-2-9517408-8-4 (Klessa, K. and Gibbon, D.). Download paper. – including multimedia language resources to disseminate knowledge and create educational material on less-resourced languages, Proceedings of the 9th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland. ISBN 978-2-9517408-8-4 (Jung, D., Klessa, K., Duray, Z., Oszkó, B., Sipos, M., Szeverényi, S., Várnai, Z., Trilsbeek, P. & Váradi, T.). Download paper.

Computational annotation-mining of syllable durations in speech varieties, Proceedings of the 7th Speech Prosody Conference, 20-23 May 2014, Dublin, Ireland. ISSN: 2333-2042 (Yu, J., Gibbon, D., Klessa, K.) Download paper.

Local and global convergence in the temporal domain in Polish task-oriented dialogue, Proceedings of the 7th Speech Prosody Conference, 20-23 May 2014, Dublin, Ireland. ISSN: 2333-2042 (Karpiński, M., Klessa, K., Czoska, A.) Download paper.

Compilation of Language Resources and On-line Dissemination of Knowledge about Endangered Languages and Linguistic Heritage. Proceedings of The Sixth Baltic Conference Human Language Technologies (HLT) – the Baltic Perspective. Kaunas, Lithuania, 26-27 September 2014, pp. 192-195 (Klessa, K., Nau, N.). Go to download page.

Duration and speed of speech events: a selection of methods. In: Lingua Posnaniensis 2014(1), Special Issue in Honour of Prof. Piotra Łobacz, pp. 59-84, DOI: 10.2478/linpo-2014-0004, (Gibbon, D., Klessa, K., Bachan, J.) Download page, download link.

Book of Knowledge of Languages in Danger. EN:  (website publications in Polish and in English:, PL: (Nau, N., Hornsby, M., Karpiński M., Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T., Wójtowicz, R. (Eds.)).

Language documentation. In Nau, N., Hornsby, M., Karpiński M., Klessa, K., Wicherkiewicz, T., Wójtowicz, R. (Eds.): Book of Knowledge of Languages in Danger. (website publication: (Klessa, K.)


Annotation Pro – a new software tool for annotation of linguistic and paralinguistic features In Brigitte Bigi and Daniel Hirst (Eds.), Proceedings of TRASP (Tools and Resources for the Analysis of Speech Prosody, a satellite event for Interspeech 2013). Aix-en-Provence, 30 August, 2013. ISBN: 978-2-7466-6443-2 (Klessa, K., Karpiński, M., Wagner, A.) Download site

Annotation Pro Software. Presentation (with demo) at INNET Summer School on Technological Approaches to the Documentation of Lesser Used Languages Gniezno, 1-14 September 2013 r. (Klessa, K.) Download site

“Paralingua” – a new speech corpus for the studies of paralinguistic features In Chelo Vargas-Sierra (Ed.) Corpus Resources for Descriptive and Applied Studies. Current Challenges and Future Directions: Selected Papers from the 5th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2013). Procedia – Social and Behavioral Science. Volume 95. pp. 48-58. Elsevier ISSN: 1877-0428 (Klessa, K., Wagner, A., Oleśkowicz-Popiel, M., Karpiński, M.) Download site

Annotation of paralinguistic features for the needs of speaker characterisation In Eva Liina Asu, Pärtel Lippus (Eds.) Proceedings of Nordic Prosody XI Conference, Tartu, Estonia 15-17 August 2012, pp. 187-196 (Klessa, K)


Polish segmental duration: selected observations based on corpus data [in:] Speech and Language Technology, Special Issue dedicated to Wiktor Jassem, pp. 95-104 (2011/2012), Gibbon, Dafydd, Hirst, Daniel, Campbell Nick (Eds.), Poznan, PTFon, pp. 94-104. (Klessa, K.)

Annotating paralinguistic features in quasi-spontaneous speech. Adding the “vision” component? [in:] Proceedings of Workshop on Vision and Language, December 13th and 14th, 2012, University of Sheffield, UK (Klessa, K., Karpiński, M.).

Using “Paralingua” database for investigation of affective states and paralinguistic features [in:] Speech and Language Technology, vol. 14/15 (2011/2012) Poznan, PTFon, pp. 71-91. (Klessa, K., Wagner, A., Oleśkowicz-Popiel, M.)

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Optimization of unit selection speech synthesis. Proceedings of XVIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Hong Kong. (Szymański M., Klessa K., Breuer S. Demenko G.) PDF

Development of large vocabulary continuous speech recognition using phonetically structured speech corpus. Proceedings of XVIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Hong Kong. (Demenko, G., Szymański, M., Cecko, R., Lange, M., Klessa, K. and Owsianny, M.) PDF


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Development of Polish Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) acoustic models (PL: Opracowanie modeli akustycznych na potrzeby systemu rozpoznawania mowy ciągłej z zastosowaniem dużych leksykalnych baz danych). Proceedings of i3 Conference: Internet-Infrastructures-Innovations. Polish Academy of Sciences. 2009. (G. Demenko, S. Grocholewski, K. Klessa, M. Lange, B. Rapp, M. Szymański) see slides

Structure and Annotation of Polish LVCSR Speech Database. Proceedings of Interspeech Conference 2009, September 6-10 2009, Brighton, UK. (K. Klessa, G. Demenko) Download PDF


A Preliminary Study of Temporal Adaptation in Polish VC Groups. Proceedings of Speech Prosody Conference, Campinas, Brasil, 2008. (Malisz, Z., Klessa, K.).

First evaluation of Polish LVCSR acoustic models obtained from the JURISDIC database. Speech and Language Technology, 2008, vol. 11. (M. Szymański, J. Ogórkiewicz, M. Lange, K. Klessa, S. Grocholewski, G. Demenko)

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Development and Evaluation of Polish Speech Corpus for Unit Selection Speech Synthesis Systems. Proceedings of Interspeech 2008, September 22-26, 2008, Brisbane, Australia. (Demenko G., Bachan, J., Möbius, B., Klessa, K., Szymański, M., Grocholewski, S.).

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An Investigation into the intra- and inter-labeler agreement in the JURISDIC database. Speech and Language Technology, 2008, vol. 11 (K. Klessa, J. Bachan).


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The design of Polish Speech Corpora for expressive speech synthesis in BOSS system, PPEE Conference 2007. (G. Demenko, K. Klessa, M. Szymański, Jolanta Bachan).

A Study of Chosen Temporal Relations within Syllable Structure in Polish, First presented at SSAPS Conference in autumn 2006, Poznań, published in 2007 in Speech and Language Technology, vol. . ( K. Klessa, D. Śledziński). Download paper.


Analysis of Polish Segmental Duration with CART, Proceedings of Speech Prosody Conference, Dresden, (S. Breuer, K. Francuzik (Klessa), G. Demenko) 2006. PDF


Nuclear Melody in Polish Semi-spontaneous and Read Speech; Evidence from the Polish Intonational Database PoInt. Studia Phonetica Posnaniensia, 97–128. (Francuzik, K., Karpiński, M., Kleśta, J., Szalkowska, E.) PDF


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Determining boundaries in written texts for the purpose of Polish speech synthesis, [w:] Speech and Language Technology, vol. 7 (2003), Wyd. PTFon, 71 78(Baranowska, E., Francuzik (Klessa), K., Karpiński, M., Kleśta, J.).


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Acoustic-phonetic description of Polish vowels: teen-age deaf speech, Psychology of Language and Communication t. 6, zesz.2. (P. Łobacz, K. Francuzik (Klessa), E. Szalkowska).

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